What is Warp Drive? Is Warp Drive Possible?


Our human race has evolved in many ways and transportation is one of them. We have created many vehicles which can take us from one place to another in a very small duration of time. There is no place in the world where we cannot go. But there is an infinite space that needs to be studied and this space needs to be traveled. But we need a transportation system that will be stable and effective in traveling through light-years. This seems impossible but there is a theory about Warp Drives that can make this possible. So what are these warp drives?

What is a Warp Drive?

Warp Drive is a rocket covered in a bubble that will travel faster than the speed of light. Its idea was stated by Miguel Alcubierre. It is impossible to be real but according to the warp drive theory, this can be possible. According to the theory of general relativity, anything which has mass cannot move with the speed of light in space-time because it will require an infinite amount of energy. But this is valid for the object traveling in space-time, not for space itself. 

Space itself can move greater than the speed of light. If we assume that after the big bang space expands with the speed of light then the total space would be of the diameter of 28 billion light-years but the calculations by the physicist estimated it to be 93 billion light-years. From these, we can assume that space can travel greater than the speed of light, or else it can compress greater than the speed of light. Therefore we can assume that the warp drive theory can be possible. 

But what is warp drive theory? 

What is warp drive theory?

 It is a theory on which a space shuttle will move with the speed of light by expanding and compressing space surrounding the space shuttle.  The theory says that when a rocket covered in a bubble is sent to space and if we expand the space behind the rocket and compress it in the front then the rocket/warp drive will travel with a speed greater than the speed of light. 

According to Time Dilation, when we travel at the speed of light then time works slower. But the warp drive is completely covered in a bubble therefore space and time will not change for it and it will move faster than light. 

Is it possible?

It can be possible if we can figure out two things in space: compression and expansion. We know that the greater the mass in space, the more will be the bending of space-time.  Therefore if we can find a huge mass then the compression can be done. But to achieve the speed of light we need a mass similar to a Jupiter.

Another important factor is the expansion of space, we have to find any method to expand the space as per our requirements. There is an assumption that if we can find a negative mass in space that will act just opposite to the real mass then it will result in the expansion of space. 

Negative mass is a new concept and nearly impossible to be generated. But according to the scientists it can be generated at a quantum level but for warp drive, we will require greater mass. Therefore at present, we are unable to make a negative mass.

It is assumed that negative mass is present in abundance in space in the form of exotic matter. But they do not follow gravitational laws, so they are hard to find. This makes it impossible for a warp drive to be real.  

If we are successful in compression and expansion of space then also there will exist many problems. Problems such as communication outside the bubble, as the warp drive, will be covered in a bubble so all the connections will be lost. Another problem will be space junk that will be captured around the warp bubble.

When space compresses and expands and then restores to its original form then during this process many space junk gets collected. When the warp drive will reach its destination then the junk may destroy the lives on a planet. Therefore to solve these problems, NASA is trying to create a warp field at a quantum level. At present only positive energy density is used.

NASA believes that the warp drive is possible so they are working on creating it. They are successful in creating a warp drive at a quantum level but it will take hundreds of years to create a real warp drive. 

We can expect warp drive in the future but it will take time.  It will be a great invention and can change lives if it becomes real.

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